Off the Grid

I got myself through with the reminder that all I was missing were pics of people way too dressed up for a house party and boomerangs of champagne toasts. I knew I could power through.

One Less Thing

There are two kinds of End of Year posts. Which kind will you do?

The Bachelor Recap: Final Finale

Today, all of Bachelor Nation is that audience; watching this trainwreck unfold in front of us, sometimes with one eye closed, but all the while with full attention and ignoring our conscious, which is begging us to turn it off and return to the people we were before this disgusting distraction entered our lives.

The Bachelor Recap Ep. 8: Fact or Fiction

So, I missed a LOT of this episode. In fact, I missed an entire hometown date. Lucky for you, I know this franchise so well that I’m just going to guess what happened and not tell you which parts I watched or which parts I missed. See if you can spot fact from fiction!

The Bachelor Recap Ep. 7: Under the Tuscan Sun

Everyone is excited but Jacqueline seems cautious. She says she is on the precipice of feeling real feelings for Arie or just going home. This is definitely the first time that word has been used in the entire franchise of the show.

The Bachelor Recap Ep. 6: Two Girls One Date

She says she feels like she was given a pony for Christmas, but is then told that if she doesn’t know how to ride the pony by the end of the night, it’s going to be shot.


A funny thing happened at the Superbowl last night. First, let me start by saying that I had no vested interest in the SuperBowl. I don’t even really watch the NFL. Though I’m a huge Michigan Football Fan for no good reason whatsoever, I don’t even really know a lot about Football. I try to…